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Communication To Cj Professional A Career In A Criminal Justice Field

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Communication to CJ Professional: Page 1

Communication to CJ Professional: Page 1

Week 1 - Essay - Communication to CJ Professional:

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CJA/363 Interpersonal Communications

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Communication to CJ Professional Page 2

It's very important to have adequate skills, when being a hostage negotiator, in one's occupation of there job environment. The kind of skills that a hostage negotiator will need to be a successful communicator, include, but is not limited to the following: verbally and nonverbally communicate with all parties involved in the situation. Explaining the importance of both areas of communication, that are the key ingredients to being an effective person in this field. In addition, one must explore these questions as well, when you are a hostage negotiator. What could happen if the negotiator is not able to communicate effectively with the offender in the situation? What can happen if the negotiator has good communication skills? It is very important to be a effective communicator in your career of choice, making the best use of those skills, that will ensure the individual's success in there work environment.

Verbal communication is very critical, when you are a hostage negotiator. Some skills necessary to bring forth proper communication, with the suspect would be, speaking more than one language. For example, since America has a lot of Mexican Americans, it would be very smart to have skill of being bilingual. In addition, being proficient in sign language if the need arises. These would be very useful in bringing forth

Communication to CJ Professional Page 3

the utmost of success, in whatever situation may occur, while being a hostage negotiater.

Having non-verbal communication is an effective tool, when you a hostage negotiator. Knowing how to "read" body language of the suspect can make or break a hostage situation. Having this skill is a very important element, in being a good communicator in this field. In saying that, being able to be aware of the body language of the hostages, is very telling in those situations. So, non-verbal communication is very much an asset, when it comes to being the director of communication, in this type of job.

Taking into...

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