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In The Power of Writing by Joel Swerdlow, we are presented to the importance of writing to our civilization. Throughout the years written information has emerged as a primary method of communication. Individuals use whatever is available to write to convey their message. Early forms of writing include carving symbols in stone and bone, written leaves, silk, papyrus, parchment and paper. At the present time writing is used in many settings; for example we have books, text messages, online blogs, lyrics, street signs and emails. There are no limits to written information, and most importantly it can be preserved indefinitely. Writing helps me communicate to others, my identity, creativity and ...view middle of the document...

Subsequently, identity isn’t the only method you can communicate your written ideas; people frequently use creativity as an important form of communication.
Creativity may be defined as the inclination to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or potentials that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others. To be creative individuals have to look into situations in a different perspective. For example the majority of my family resides in Guanajuato Mexico. It’s hard for me to call them often, so I rely heavily on social networks to maintain communication with them. In my opinion, I use creative nonverbal language when I communicate with my family members using the social networks. I feel more connected to them, when I read what they are doing and I can comment on it. It almost feels that I am besides them. As stated by Swerdlow writing helps combat loneliness “Since Writing’s invention, people have used it to combat loneliness and establish a sense of self. In the fourth century B.C., Aristotle saw writing as a way to express ‘affection of the soul’” (33). For my part I agree with his point of view, because writing to my family makes me feel more connected to them. It helps me feel less homesick and more hopeful. Nevertheless writers also use their imagination to communicate their arguments.
Imagination is the ability to think of clever and original ideas, possibilities, or solutions. It can also be related to the power of innovation, because to innovate one has to use...

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