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The ways used to communicate is what may separate the human’s from the animal kingdom. Using the documents and extra resources, it has become clear the animals language is nothing compared to the complex ways of humans.

Many animals can communicate, but only for a few reasons and ways. Birds have exactly two calls, usually used “primarily by males to attract mates or to establish territory. Bird songs are limited to these and only these functions” (Text 03). Honeybee’s also lack multiple reasons for communication, they, “orienting their dance in relation to the position of the sun, and by calibrating the amount of the dances movement” will tell where pollen is located (Text 02). Although this sounds extremely complicated they are used to it, and spend majority of their life learning and showcasing this form of communication. What makes Humans different based off of this, is the fact that they can use ““roughly 1 million words” to describe many different things and for many different reasons (Merriman Dictionary). Humans may use their complex brains to not only absorbed words and information, but also to respond accordingly with their own educated opinions and ideas. Unlike the animals, humans language can be used to bring the world to a new threshold whereas the animals will always be in the same threshold of complexity they always have been.

The closest to humans in DNA but also could use our language are chimpanzees. Unlike Chimpanzees, humans have a verbal communication whereas chimpanzee’s is more of show and tell communication, nonetheless both share a “rich repertoire, a complex and sophisticated method of communication” (Text 05). The chimps communicate together with emotions but could not form words but could try using “a complex and sophisticated method of communication. But it is non-verbal”, These communications take place in various forms of sounds, calls, touch, facial expressions, and body language(Text 05). Though Chimpanzee’s are on the threshold of complex language, they are missing a key fact to using this as a form of communication. Unlike humans who ever since they are born have people using the same language all around them, Chimps have only the language the rest of them are used...

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