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TaUniversity of PhoenixSeptember 9, 2009Several of the conflicts that emerge within an organization are a result of people communicating ineffectively. Ineffective communication may cause misinterpretation of information given and may result in an unsuccessful outcome. Throughout this paper I will discuss the communication theory, an interview on a specific organizations conflict resolution strategy, how the communication process is utilized in my organization and how gender and cultural differences affect communications in my organization, and I will identify any improvements that could be made.Effective communication occurs when information and ideas are conveyed in comprehensible form from one person to the person whom is receiving the information. Communication includes conveying information and ideas into the mind of the receiver through verbal and nonverbal symbols and signs. An effective communication process is crucial to the success of an organization as they train, organize, counsel, evaluate, and manage through this process. The progression of understanding is what unites the individuals of an organization from top to bottom, bottom to top, and side to side (Clark, D., 2008).For my paper I interviewed with Mrs. Douglas on how her organization utilizes their conflict resolution procedures. In Mrs. Douglas's organization if a conflict was to arise the team is first responsible to come to a resolution to work out the issues. If the persons involved in the conflict are unable to work together to resolve the issue than at that point the manager then gets involved. If the person or persons still can not come to a resolution then it will be at that point when the person or persons involved in the conflict will be written up for in-subordination. Each employee is only allowed up to three write ups. The first write up is a warning, the second will result in suspension, and the third and final will result in termination.Mrs. Douglas's organization does provide the employees with conflict resolution strategies and training. Her organization offers several training classes such as: counseling, conflict resolution classes, teamwork classes, and customer service training. Although these classes are not usually mandatory, if an issue arises which can not be worked out human resources will get involved and assign mandatory classes to whomever necessary. An employee can also suggest seeing a counselor and taking any training classes they feel are necessary for them to proceed in their position.In the five years that Mrs. Douglas has been employed with her organization she has seen the company's conflict resolution style change. When she was first employed with the company the training classes were not utilized, she has seen over the past years that the organization has been utilizing the training classes as a way to resolve issues that can not be worked out as a team. Mrs. Douglas has also seen that more training classes are being applied to the...

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