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Communication With The Dead Essay

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Throughout the ages a plethora of cultures have proclaimed to believe in the ability to communicate with the dead. People claim to have done this through Ouija boards, dreams, nature, and some have even claimed that the dead can get our attention by moving an object, perhaps a token that relates to the deceased, in the physical world. Legitimate psychics, Ouija boards, and other strange phenomena help lead the case to convince that communication with the dead is possible.
Arizona born Alison DuBois has helped me come to the conclusion that communication with the dead is possible in her book Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye. In her first encounter with the dead, which happens to be her great grandfather who died painfully from intestinal cancer, she writes “ I was awakened from my sleep by a presence. My room was filled with a soft glow. I wasn’t scared, but I was on edge. Great-grandpa Johnson stood at the foot of my bed and said ‘ I am okay, I am still with you. Tell your mom there’s no more pain’”. Young Allison, only six at the time told her mother of the encounter who, as any parent would say, said she believed her. Her talents continued to strengthen, even gaining the ability to read minds and imagine the image of a criminal when watching news reports on cases where the criminal had not been found yet. “As of today, I have worked on numerous missing person cases. I profile for law enforcement and I assist the friends and families of murdered people. I can access both the victims’ and the perpetrators’ minds”. Allison’s talents have led to justice in many cases including Elizabeth Smart’s case against rapist Brian David. These cases and encounter help me truly believe in communication with the dead.
Ouija boards are another form of communication with the dead. The Ouija board was first introduced in 1891 at a Pittsburg toyshop and was proven to work by the Patent Office. In the time of its creation, Americans were going through an obsession with spiritualism and communicating with the dead was practically a daily activity. The boards sold rapidly. Ouija boards have also shown they can make people do crazy things. In 1921, a woman being sent to a mental institution in Chicago for mania...

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