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Communication In The Global Village Essay

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The world that we understand is rapidly becoming a much smaller entity. Technology is rapidly bringing us to places we have never been before. Thanks to widespread globalization, and the explosive growth and use of the internet, people are uniting and communicating in ways never dreamed two decades past. While more developed countries are taking advantage of this new global village, less developed countries helplessly stay in their idle life rafts as the sharks of these new virtual communities circle round. In the dawn of time communication started with mediums such as facial expressions, groaning, and sometimes just whacking a member of your community in the head.

Communications simplest form is essentially dying with the construction and use of this web of interweaving technology known as the internet. Unlike forms of communication of days long past , not everyone can get involved in this World Wide Web. The internet is a community that uses a simple non intentional form of segregation that limits the use of the internet to people who live in countries that have the ability to set up these online villages. The makings of this new virtual revolution is essentially separating people. In the article Social Policy for Cyberspace, Dale Spender argues how people are being rapidly separated into two groups: the Master Minds and those that are being kept in the dark. She also explains how the People in the real world are being divided up into the information-rich and the poor. (Spender, Composing Cyberspace, p 266.)

Basically the people with access to a global village are moving forward and the people in underdeveloped countries are lying stagnant. Like myself, Spender believes strongly in the well being of Third World countries, and how one countries social, political , and economic state can affect the world on a much larger scale. Another issue that we must not overlook is The more advanced the technology is in the First World, the more difficult it will be to live, work, and communicate in the Third World, which has no such resources. (Spender, Composing Cyberspace, p 267.) As the U.S. continues to expand the countries technological advancements also improve. Unfortunately, as we expand our technological horizon, Third World countries cant help falling even farther behind.

Focus on Third World countries should be treated like a nose bleed, the faster you respond to the injury the less complicated the side effects, and the quicker Healing Time. People in these countries must be brought up to speed or else face dire consequences. Progressive motions must be sought after for them to achieve new digital goals. We should not forget that without foreign...

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