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Communicational Devices Essay

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Communicational Devices

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I am a pupil at College, and am doing a report on
communicational devices within a business/organisation work place. To
do this I will send out questionnaires to the employees in the
businesses and interview a variety of people at different levels in
the company's hierarchy, e.g. managers. I will research into internal
and external methods of communication and the advantages and
disadvantages of each. I will show my findings and give
recommendations to the businesses to help them to improve
communicational devices within the business/organisation.


See Action Plan


I am doing my investigation on Cammell Laird Shipyard in Birkenhead; I
will be interviewing an senior security guard, William Luke Edwards
who's job, involves the security of the vessels, the heath and safety
of the men, and also to stop dangers hazards happening e.g. Naked
flames by fuel tank ect, and also interviewing civilians whom apply
for a job as a security guard at the ship yard. When applying for the
job Mr Edwards had to sign the Nation Secrets Act 1 & 2, to keep the
communication in the business safe.

I think the communication devices that will be used within the
business are:

* Two-way radios

* Reports

* E-mail/network

* Memos

* Telephone

* Meetings

* Notices

* Letters

I believe the purpose of good communication is to keep a
business/organisation running efficiency; it produces a positive
public appearance, eliminates errors and helps mange problems quickly
and effetely. This also provides customers with the information they
need for example details of orders (invoices) and any other
information required. Successful business/organisations are those that
practice two-way communication, this means that managers listen to
employees as well as employees. Communication internally is vital to
be able to send urgent messages to employees about meetings, and many
other things, it also helps to clear up any problems within the
business so that employees are happy with their jobs and a pleasant
working atmosphere is maintained. Communication within a
business/organisation can help staff to know what they are meant to be
doing, where they are meant to be, and also what they should do in a
case of an emergency. Communication is not only important for a
business to be successful but also to keep the staff and civilians
safe, by having good communications within a business/organisation
these hazards can be eliminated. But also the purpose of communication
is to communicant, there are many forms of communication from Morse
code to hand signs, we first start communicating the day we are born,
for example by crying and not...

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