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I have been working for the City of Beverly Hills for the past 3 years. When I joined the City, they have just decided and selected a new accounting system to convert and upgrade their old system to. It is now the year 2014, they are finally in the final stages of ‘going live’ with this new business management software. The implementation was a very long process for me because I have gone through a similar process in the private sector and it took one year to fully implement a full system conversion compared to three years with this public sector. I imagine that this City is not the only one with this type of strenuous and extensive implementation process. So with this in mind what does it have to do with failed communication?
The implementation process was quite challenging. Throughout the process we encountered many communication issues internally that prolong the implementation process. Because of ineffective and shaded, most of the time, communication between managers and employees, managers and vendors, the project was more challenging that it needed to be. The environmental conditions in the City certainly have a significance and influence in the communication process.
The standard implementation process started when the contract was executed around January 2010, which is about the time I started working for the City of Beverly Hills. In our initial meeting, in my opinion the communication did not translate well from the manager to the employees. The attitudes of the employees who are part of the implementation team had a negative attitude and were contented with the current system. Many were not receptive of the change that was going to take place. Most of them simply take an indifferent attitude toward the change in general, causing them to not care about what was said during the first few meetings. In fact, the attendance during the training period was very low. Only half of the people showed up in training sessions. The employees were not reprimanded for not attending this mandatory training course. Hawkins described this type of phenomenon as such, a person is completely unconscious of their negative patterns, then everything is simply a stimulus to those patterns meaning they become immune to this kind of attitude in the working environment. These negative attitudes manifest themselves in many ways from lateness, obsessive punctuality, untidiness, tidiness, uncommunicative, excessive communicativeness, slowness in getting work done, feverish activity and so on. (Hawkins, 1994, p.25). Thus the negative attitude did not help us be more efficient in the implementation process. Needless to say, due to the low training attendance, the people in charge of the implementation system are expecting to have more inquiries and challenges once the system is up and running. It is very hard to breakthrough to the employees that the new accounting system being implemented is an updated version to help organize and create...

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