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Communications In Large Businesses Essay

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Communications in Large Businesses

Communication is always a problem with large businesses because
information needs to be accessed by the receiver as soon as possible
and put across to them in a clear, engaging and impacting way so that
it has the effect it should have. Because of the size of Scott Bader
and its international locations, the task of communicating with them
all is a doubtful one.

There is also a problem with the continuing growth of Scott Bader as
some forms of communications can become outdated.

Communications at Scott Bader is normally sent down through the
hierarchy and chain of command although the employees have a lot of
say in how the business is ran because of the democratic culture,
management obviously have to know and make main decisions as using the
employees for every decision would take too much time, they are used
if they are important and will change the way in which everybody works
as a company. The information can be sent and received both in the
form of verbal communication and non-verbal communication.

The main objectives of communication are to provide information, give
people instructions and to confirm arrangements, but this has to be
achieved at the right time, place and sent to the right person. To be
successful this all needs to be done at value for money. All these
restrictions make this an almost impossible task to manage, but to
manage this task Scott Bader could use the following channels of

One Way Channel

This provides people with information or instructions however it
requires no reply from the recipients. Examples of the use of a
one-way-channel of communication at Scott Bader are:

· Tannoy - where information is read out to the factory floor
informing both staff and customers of a situation but it doesn't
require any feedback.

· E-mail - this can require a response but it doesn't always you could
be sending someone instructions, or informing people of some

· Bulletins - are used to let people know of information or to praise
employees for reaching there intended objectives etc.

· Minutes - to inform people the basic outcomes, and issues discussed
at a meeting.

· Memos - to inform people of meetings or situations.

· Newsletters - they are published to let employees know about current
events happening for Scott Bader these could be community events or
within the company, it could also inform them of recent developments
and other information that is available to the staff.

· Television/Videos and Videoconferencing - video's used to train
staff (on fire procedures etc.) and inform them of information. Video
conferencing s useful in Scott Bader because being a multi-national
company not everybody can be in the same room but they can still all
have a meeting.

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