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Communications Management In Glo Be Small Systems Solutions Project

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At the turn of the 21st century, Nestlé has embarked on a Global Business Excellence (GLOBe) project. It aimed to unify the business practices with the support of technology. One of its key trusts was to adopt best practices in all key facets of the businesses. Such was with the support of an application system - SAP. The application system was implemented through a big bang approach in every country in the three regions of Nestlé, namely: America, Europe and Asia-Oceania and Africa (AOA). While the objective was ambitious and grand it was challenging and difficult but it was smooth and successful.
In 2005 The Asia Oceania and African (AOA) region of Nestlé consisted of the biggest market in terms of geographical territory and population in the Nestlé World. In comparison to the other two regions (America and Europe) of Nestlé business, it consisted of close to 50 countries, 60% were small countries. The key challenge was unifying the small countries under one application where the technological infrastructure was underdeveloped and most of all the economic impact on the Market.
The solution to this challenge was the identification and development of a project to define, develop and implement a small system that could work in complement to the SAP running in the bigger countries. This lead to the formation of a Project: GLOBe Small Systems Solution (GSSS). The key objective was to develop an application system that adapts well to the small markets of AOA given the limited resources and technological infrastructure (Nagoya, J. May 2007, pp. 4-5).
A project brief formally recognized the project. The Project team was formally kicked off and the Project Charter developed and signed off by the project Sponsor and Project Team lead. I was a Team Member in this project.
Reflecting at the Communications Management that was in the project, it was noted that the Project Charter covered communications and types (Kylie, Price. 2005, p. 18). It was short and covered the importance of communication and types of communication mainly meetings within the Team and Stakeholders apparently. It is specific on the Who (People involved), what (Medium) and When (Frequency). Communication covered early in the project is a good practice that recognizes the importance of managing the expectations of the stakeholders. The communication mostly in meetings covered the performance review of the project through the status review and risks management. This delivered in part the information to stakeholders what is going on in the project. Issues Log and the Change Logs meant that there was a management of the expected deliverables that was the interest of the stakeholders.
The project charter covered deliverable documents which were identified on how they should be stored. This is a communication method that values the outputs of Organizational Process Assets. It also serves as reference points of other process as either inputs or outputs.
This Project was considered a...

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