The Rise And Fall Of Communism

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Everyone would like to live in a perfect society, and in Germany, Karl Marx set out to do just that by creating the government system known as Communism. Though, this system has failed in many countries all over the world because of many significant flaws in the very foundation of the system. Some of the most feared probabilities in society that Communism was created to eliminate still prevailed and were at the heart of the system’s downfall. If the system was infallible, why were so many of its principles created out of the fear of rebellion? The living conditions of the people were unbearable and would lead to nothing but rebellion. The whole system was full of corruption and had no moral standards. Communism has failed in many countries due to a variety of flaws.
As a government, Communism was different from anything else and had distinctive goals. Though, as a whole and in simplified terms, what was Communism? Communism violently attempted to take over a country by eliminating all other political systems and the different classes of people in a socialistic way through the use of dictatorships (Ebenstein). Communism’s main goal was to spread Communism from country to country until the whole world was in a Communistic state. In their eyes, this made the world a better place, but it also removed the opposition of countries with different government systems (Overstreet). Communists did not mind going to war and losing thousands of lives if it would help to spread Communism (Communism, the Courts, and the Constitution). Under Communism, everything
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was owned by the government including farms and factories. This not only eliminated capitalism, but it also gave the government the power to control the countries’ food supply and other things such as the production of medicine. The government also had the power to distribute these goods to where they pleased. This technique was often used to silence rebellion by starving the people until they submitted (Ebenstein).
This idea of Communism must have originated from somewhere. This place, or rather person was Karl Marx, a German philosopher. Marx dedicated his life to promoting his false ideologies and philosophies in his new government system called Communism. He was completely against Capitalism because he believed in equality amongst the masses. In his mind, this meant there could be no classes of people. His theory of the future of Capitalism was that the classes of the poor and the rich would continue to grow further and further apart due to the greed of the capitalists and their exploitation of the poor workers. He thought that the government should stop this from happening. Thus, under Communism, it was against the law to accumulate wealth, which breaks down the class barriers. Though, with this came a new problem. Now, instead of there being a division between the rich and poor citizens, the government had not only power but all the money also. Thus, a new...

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