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Technological advances will continuously be a part peoples? lives in the 21st century. Progression in technology is inevitable. People are always looking for short cuts when it comes to work. Thus, miscellaneous appliances are invented to save time and energy when it comes to every day chores. Because of these inventions, the people of today rely on technology. When glitches or malfunctions occur, people are sometimes lost and unable to function on the same level as before. Therefore, a strong dependence has developed between the public and technology.Cities are a central location for the formation and development of new technology. Many innovations take place in urban atmospheres. New forms of ...view middle of the document...

This feature of the more connected world is cheaper, reliable, and convenient.Like all other societal progressions, the new age of technology has its negative effects as well. Certain ways and means of human life have become obsolete. For instance, objects and places like maps and libraries. If one were to explain to others that they got to a destination by reading a paper map, that person will be viewed as weird or eccentric. That exact instance has happened to me. No one uses maps anymore because all you have to do is go on the internet and get directions from mapquest. As for libraries, students rarely use libraries if the internet is available in their home. In a few years, I will be surprised if people actually know what books are.Robyn Bateman Driskell writes about arguments pertaining to the lack of people actually leaving their homes today because of things like the internet. She writes of sociologists questioning if virtual communities are ?actual? communities and if they are replacing the lost community of the past. According to Driskell a place for community is the vital element needed to promote it. The internet definitely provides a communal place in chat rooms and different networks. People are able to connect with one another because of same interest chat rooms, message boards, and/or profile pages.Real relationships have developed from the internet. Many people have met friends, and even spouses because of this new technology. Therefore, if people are willing to meet their internet friends, then the internet and technology are responsible for generating face to face interactions between people that might not have met otherwise.

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