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Communities And Their Interactions Within The Novel: A Gathering Of Old Men By Ernest Gaines

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A gathering of Old Men written by Ernest J. Gaines gives an accurate portrayal of what the slave era was like. Gaines grew up on a plantation in Louisiana. He did not become a scholar until he moved to California in 1948. Learning opportunities for blacks during his era were hard to come by especially in south. While in California Gaines was able to attend college and would graduate from San Francisco State College in 1957. He would soon later become a published writer. ""Though the places in my stories and novels are imaginary ones, they are based pretty much on the place where I grew up and the surrounding areas where I worked went to school, and traveled as a child. My characters speak the way people speak in that area." (Gaines) His personal life struggles as a plantation worker and African American have helped him write a phenomenal read. Gaines's book A Gathering of Old Men demonstrates the cultural relationships between the white and black community. The thing that I found the most appealing about this book was Gaines's ability to vividly depict the story setting. The story unfolds from many different characters prospectives. This is effective method of writing so that each character is able reveal deep feelings and thoughts with the reader. In this essay I will focus on the communities and their interactions with each other. In particular I will talk about race relations, the black community, and the white community.Racial interdependence was nonexistent during this era. The black workers and white plantation owners did not want to associate with each other unless it was work related. It goes with out saying that these black laborers were mistreated. They have been subjected and mistreated their entire lives, including "…raped daughters, jailed sons, public insults, economic exploitation…"(Gale Research, Inc.) W.E.B DuBois, an early 20th century African-American scholar, coined the concept of a double consciousness to express the way in which blacks reserved one identity for themselves and one for the whites. This double consciousness of black personal identity existed due to the lack of interdependence between races. The problem with American culture is that it places a worth on everything including life. A slave laborer was not considered a precious life by farmers and therefore they were many times disregarded and mistreated. If the story would have taken place a few years earlier, I suspect there wouldn't even been a trial for the blacks. They would have been beating or possibly even lynched. Times are changing and little by little blacks are gaining more rights. Candy creates a bridge between the white plantation owners and the black laborers by sticking up for Mathu and confessing to the murder of a Cajun farm worker Beau Boutan. Later when Luke Wills and his followers come to lynch Mathu,...

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