Example Of Using A Lobby Group To Help The Community

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After our discussion Rick formed a meeting to begin organizing a lobby group. They created an agenda which included an invite of social service agencies to the meeting to discuss suggestions from them on how to develop a lobby group. They prepared a mission statement believing it will unite the group, as well as provide focus and draw attention to the lobby group. In this meeting the five set up an outline that involved organizing the group to address the needs of people with disabilities and how the inequality and stigma they face creates social barriers. They chose to focus on the challenges that Rick and the initial six members were experiencing which are lack funding by the government in the way of inadequate assistance for housing, personal finances and jobs. In this meeting they decided to recruit members through the local paper, the recreation center and door to door canvassing. One of the members suggested using social media and the United Way offered to help by placing a thread on their web page. The six members share their personal stories via a video on the website. The website would be filled with current information about the effects on society when there is lack of adequate resources in a city and have a discussion forum and sign up tab. They decided to take advantage of the fact an election was imminent in the next 12 months by preparing to lobby the elected representatives in their district.
Rick and I decided I would meet with the committee members to discuss their concerns and how they are impacted by the lack of resources available in their city. I would make up a report featuring all the social service agencies in our community that provide services to people with disabilities and make up a question sheet for these community resources that asks why they feel they need more funding, housing and job training for people with a disability. I would also visit local business’s to discuss barriers they face in hiring a person with a disability and how the government can assist in removing some of these barriers. I would focus on the common goals of the group which are inadequate assistance for housing, finances and available jobs. I would get people to share their stories in print so I could have personal accounts from those that need the governments help. I would use the code of ethics to insist it the just thing to do for the...

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