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Imagination plays a crucial role in creating communities and its identity. Fiction, in this case will cover both absolute fabrications and biases in the discourse of history's narration. History can be malleable in the hands of narrators, which they use to unite their audience into a common interpretation of their history. Alicia Barber, The author of the essay, Local Places, National Spaces: Public Memory, Community Identity and Landscape at Scotts Bluff National Monument, talks about two community's disagreement on a tourist spot's proper use and maintenance. Barber analyzes the community's relations to the landmark and how it affects the discourse of history's narration, the malleability of public memory, and how it all connects with community identity. Michael Ignatieff wrote about a civil struggle between two groups who identify themselves very differently from each other. In his analysis, he mixed his personal account of the situation, explaining the role of narcissism in the discourse of history's narration. His essay, The Warrior's Honor: Ethic War and the Modern Conscience, describes a more radical conflict from fabricated major differences. These two authors describe two very different approach to their conflicts, but their discourse to the narration of their history are similar. Their fabrications and biased narrations stem from their egocentric imaginations that support their identity.
Imagination's role in a community's identity enables its members to associate their history with their identity. Patriotism, backed up by history, strengtheners a community's bond together as a group. Barber explains in the statement below how a community's involvement in history plays a role in their narration of their history. “When local residents or their ancestors have played a role in the larger historical narrative being commemorated, ideological differences are bound to emerge over the proper presentation of that story” (Barber 38). The community in this case refers to the local community's role in the history being commemorated. Their particular behaviour in staking their claim in history can be described as a group's narcissism in their history's narration. A group's patriotism to a place would not exist if there was nothing to be proud of, and sometimes, for such histories to exist, the narrative of the stories have to be bias. Their discourse lies within storyteller's allegiances and favouritism to certain groups. The local community's (the neighbouring towns: Gering and Scottsbluff) role as an activist community who are the ones who primarily interact with the landmark will be emphasizes. The national community's role in the landmark's development might be downsized or simply not fall in favour of the narrator's discourse.
Nationalism is a fiction that bends history. Conversions of fictions into history and history into perceived fiction powers patriotism, and on the extreme end nationalism. Ignatieff states nationalism's...

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