Community And Race Eth125 Cultural Diversity March 18, 2007

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In my community, there are many people mostly of the same ethnicity as me. I was brought up learning my cultural ways and beliefs. I was never taught that the color of my skin, texture of my hair, facial features, language I spoke, things I ate or even the things I believed in could make such a drastic change in my life. I grew up not caring what skin color my friends, family were, or the fact that their hair were more manageable then mines. Nor did I care about the way they looked, language they spoke, what they ate or what they believed in, all that mattered to me was that they were my family or friends, people I knew, loved and trusted.As I got older into my teenage years, I began to see sudden changes occur in my life and it had a lot to do with racial issues. I entered elementary school with only a few friends from my street and left the sixth grade with more then 20 close friends. We all entered middle school together and for the first year it was good, but by the next school year the big group of 20 was now 10.I continued into high school and acquired new friends along the way but still my old friends were around but not as close as before. The ones I trusted and confided my secrets to was now a stranger to me. I knew the different groups they hung around with in school and started to see why. Some joined certain ethnic clubs because there families wanted them to be come connected to there race and culture. Other's joined similar clubs or sports because there families also wanted them to be cultural inclined or accelerate in sports like their family members before them. As for me, I joined the Hawaiian cultural club because, yes much like most of my friends my family too wanted me to be cultural inclined and connected to my roots. But, I think for my family it was more "who was the more superior group" rather then what I could learn out of it.I remember one time in my senior year there was a big fight involving the Samoans against the Hawaiians and it was so bad that the school had to go into lock down. While everyone was fighting I was standing there in a distance watching and witnessed one of my Samoan female friend from elementary school get hit in the face from a Hawaiian female from the club I was in. I did not think twice but ran over and stopped the girl almost getting hit myself. I dragged my friend to the side our of harms way and she was crying saying "Why, why did I do that, why did I help her?" I responded by saying "I don't know why everyone is fighting but I know you would have done the same for me if I was in your shoes". My friend got up, said "Were not little kids anymore you can't fight all my battles for me", and walked away.The next day almost half the school was suspended and things went back to normal. I saw my friend in the hall and just put my head down as I passed. She grabbed my arm as she passed, stopped and said "Thanks, and I would have done the same" I looked at her and both our eyes were watery with tears, we...

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