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Community: Being Linked In To The World Of E Commerce

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From pre-school to graduate school and from that first job to the start of a career, everyone wants to be accepted no matter the context of the acceptance. Students need to have friends, study partners, and peer and faculty supporters. Employees need to be hired, be able to maintain the job, have a happy work environment, and have the option for promotion or added responsibility. On a different spectrum, businesses need to be accepted as well. They need to be accepted by their employees, by employee candidates, by their customers, by their potential customers, by their marketing and advertisement departments or collaborating companies, and by their business partners. No matter the type of acceptance a business has, whether it is due to mutual gain, genuine agreeableness, or something completely different, businesses with fall with out it. In today’s technological age, social networking sites are now the most convenient and easy way to connect all of these players in order to be accepted. LinkedIn is a perfect example of a social networking site that allows all of these players to interact to gain whichever acceptance they may need or be seeking. By using key e-commerce concepts, LinkedIn is able to be a strong, successful online community for businesses, consumers, employees, students, and job seekers.
When creating an online networking site, it is important to incorporate the idea of community into the web interface. LinkedIn has successfully done this with a variety of different techniques. LinkedIn is a social networking site that is dedicated to professionalism and linking people to people, people to businesses, businesses to people, and businesses to businesses. LinkedIn allows people and businesses to make connections, view the professionally set-up profiles, and message and comment to each other privately and publically, as well as allow open questions to be asked to experts in particular fields. This has enabled LinkedIn to harbor a business and professional atmosphere, therefore, creating the sense of community in the process.
In order for a community to be strong, there are certain key components that it must have. For instance, a community must be able to benefit the participants as a whole and as individuals. LinkedIn enables its business customers to view other businesses, communicate and make connection with business partner or potential partners, maintain an online persona to further built the brand, and keep track of the business’s employees’ profiles. Businesses are also able to add job listings and review job candidates. Actually, “a new survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reveals that 56% of employers use social networking websites in their search for appropriate candidates, and another 20% said they plan to do so in the near future” (Walker, 2011). Individuals are able to connect with friends and colleagues on a more professional platform, which allows them to more easily communicate concerns or...

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