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At Tillicum Lelum Youth Safe House the aging out of youth is an issue that is not given the recognition necessary for youth that are living the experience. When many youth at the Safe House reach the age of 19 they have no place to go and many end up couch serving, going back to at risk family situations, end up with abusive partners, on the streets, being sexually exploited or they end up in temporary shelters. Many of these youth are dealing with mental health issues that have contributed to the situation they find themselves in. For this paper youth with mental health issues are the community group I will be focusing on. Tillicum Youth Safe House offers a respite for youth while ...view middle of the document...

Many negative influences prior to the youth’s arrival at Tillicum Youth Safe House greatly contribute to their ability to be productive and proactive in utilizing the available resources, other than to eat, isolate , rest and just survive. Youth experiencing mental health issues are not thinking about their personal qualifications, limitations or lack of the necessary skills they will need to function in their communities. Many youth with mental health issues are experiencing a learned sense of helplessness that North American Culture perpetrates. These youth are subjected to loss of personal autonomy because they do not fit into dictated cultural norms (Brendtro,Brokenleg, Bockern, p. 41). Being self sufficient is not on their immediate list of priorities. Often the youth are on medication, drugs, or smoke to deal with their stress. We need to look at the social breakdown youth have been exposed to prior to their arrival at Tillicum Safe house because these disruptions have resulted in these youth not acquiring the life tools they will need to be successful in being self reliant in their community. The negative impact on youth with mental health issues is not something that society will be able to ignore because if youth struggling with mental health issues do not find the help they need to heal and grow, then society will experience the outfall. This is evident in a study conducted by (Kirst, Fredrick & Erickson, (2011) state that mental health issues and substance abuse are connected ( p .1) Adlaf and Zdanowicz did a cluster analysis that indicated , the highest prevalence of concurrent mental health and substance use problems (67%) among a cluster of 12 street-involved youth who had experienced high family dysfunction, and reported high coping and escapism motivations for substance use( et al p.2). The nurturing form of love and acceptance that the youth seek is the responsibility of the community to provide. Many of these youth have been subjected to abuse, crime, neglect, rejection and family violence. The experience of these youth is the reason that blaming is not an antidote, withdrawal and rejection are not the answer, the answer is well maintained youth facilities that will teach these youth how to be self sufficient. The regime in the Three –Quarter House facility would be based on a concept of tough love. According MacDonald (1997) Eagles Circle School is situated in one of Winnipeg’s toughest neighborhoods; a nun named Sister Maria Vigna states that at this school they think it is important that youth start exerting their own authority. The youth have a verbal agreement with the school in regards to school attendance and doing the required assignments. My intervention is to establish another branch within Tillicum Lelum Health Center called The Three-quarter Way House. If needed the youth dealing with mental health issues at Tillicum Lelum Safe house could transfer to The Three-quarter Way House. This facility would use the tough...

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