Community College Qatar Should Have Mixed Gender Classes

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Community College Qatar opened in Qatar few years ago, and it is first community college. CCQ plans to increase the opportunities for those who want to work and get prepared, and for students who need to prepare and develop to continue their education with different universities. The announcement of CCQ that published in the newspaper and Medias was not clear about the college classes system. The college starts receiving students in the temporary separate building. The students were disappointed about the college decision of separating students. CCQ should have mix classes for students because it prepares them for work environment and develops their self-confidence.

CCQ students need mixed classes to get involved in the work environment. Mixed classes in the CCQ will be the motive for boys and girls to deal and work together. It will be helpful plan for student future career. As, mixed classes learn student boys and girls to understand and accept different idea of each other. Qatar's education plans in order to produce successful students working as one time to contribute to the development of Qatar. Thus, work environment needs workforce working as one team with no distinction in gender so mixed classes could be part of the development in Qatar. CCQ decision of mixing classes will be successful decision foe development of students and prepare them for a successful work environment.

Another reason to have mix classes in CCQ is to develop self-confidence of students. The most important point in the development of student's self-confidence is to build a creative student in the college. Therefore, it starts from mixed classes and gives students the freedom of expression and discusses their own ideas. Mixed students who have their own ideas create a different personality from the other when the student to feel independent and confident....

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