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Culture Development Essay

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Diversity impacts our lives and development in many ways. Considering diversity as a puzzle, gender, culture, socioeconomic, and religion, just to name a few, would be the pieces, which makes up that puzzle. All these characteristics are critical in the development of an individual. In reviewing Hypatia’s life as it relates to her development, I found that her gender, culture at that time, religion, and her socioeconomic greatly impacted her cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional development processes.

Hypatia was one of the first female mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher. She lived her life with emphasis to intellectual freedom and scientific inquiries. She was born are 350CE in Alexandria, Egypt. She followed her father footstep from whom she learned mathematics and astronomy. In those days, women were not considered having the same intellectual capabilities as man, based on Aristotle teachings and misogyny. Fortunately for Hypatia, she had an enlightened father that was able to educate her, and making her the most influential female in her time (Zielinski, 2010). Hypatia was one of the Neo-Platonists. She taught her followers in the temple of Serapis, and she was a proponent of Pythagorean philosophy. She had many students and followers among those were also Christians. But that did not prevent Christian fanatics to consider her as a pagan because in those time Christian viewed people either Christian or pagan.

Considering the social aspect, Hypatia was one of the last great thinkers of Alexandria. She led a celibate life and this is due to her holding Plato’s views on abolition of the family system. However physically, she was reported to be “exceedingly beautiful and fair of form; in speech articulate and logical, in her actions prudent and public-spirited, and the rest of the city gave her suitable welcome and accorded her special respect” (Zielinski, 2010). ...

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