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Public Health Nursing Interventions
Public Health Nursing (PHN) aims to improve the wellbeing of the population by promoting health and preventing disease among all people in the communities (Public Health Nursing, 2013). The PHN utilizes the primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention to help improve the health of the communities. The PHN process is applied to all levels of practice. Interventions are “actions take on behalf of individuals, families, systems, and communities to improve or protect health status” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012, p. 191). This paper will identify PHN interventions such as screening, outreach, and referral and follow-up, health teaching, and counseling that ...view middle of the document...

Children who are under-immunized cannot return to school until immunizations are current.
System Level
The outreach intervention was utilized at the system level. The local health department aimed to reduce the number of people coming in contact with the flu virus. In early August, letters were mailed out to people in the community regarding the flu vaccine. The PHNs went to local pharmacy, schools, businesses and doctor’s office to display information on the flu vaccine. The displays at the pharmacy were posted mainly near the antiviral medicines that treated common cold and flu. The display contained information regarding where the community could go to obtain free or low- cost flu vaccines.
Individual Level
The PHN responded to a referral from a local company who had completed a new employee physical on a 47 year old white female who had tested positive for tuberculosis (TB). The woman would not respond to the company’s calls. One of the public health nurses made a visit to the individual’s home and discovered that the woman had not returned to the job because of her fear. The nurse discussed the woman’s fears and provided the individual with education and counseling regarding the treatment plans. The individual reported...

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