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Community Health And Maternal, Infant And Early Child Care

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1) Maternal, infant and child health (MICH) combines such an issue as the health of women, who are pregnant or have already given birth, infants, children or adolescents. This conception also includes the package of the professional acts within public health that targets to promote the health status of these vulnerable groups of population and overcome future troubles which they will likely face. In fact, their well-being defines the general level of the health of the whole generation and the system of the healthcare of these social groups can help predict further complications for the families and communities.
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As an effective way to predict child maltreatment the authorities often apply public services, particularly in public health and education areas. Specialists have organized the system of public health and educational services that consists of three levels: primary, secondary and tertiary prevention programs. This system of prevention activities helps to protect the families that are affected by child ill-treatment on its different stages. Among the main approaches to the child maltreatment prevention are public service informing, parent education programs, public awareness campaigns, mental health services, parent mentor programs and so on.
3) Vaccination has always been a key method of the prevention of such dangerous diseases as diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis A and B etc. Careful revision of such vaccine-preventable illnesses requires high immunization coverage of the social groups that need the vaccine. In order to decrease the different barriers including financial ones that puzzle to assure the availability of the vaccines to the different groups of the society, the US Congress developed various strategies in the Vaccine for Children (VFC) Act adopted in 1993. These strategies...

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