Society In The Old English Period. What Was Life Like In The Old English Period?

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Society in the Old English PeriodLiving in the Old English period was, needless to say, a bit difficult. That is, compared to our laissez-faire lifestyle today. You could probably call it a little chaotic, what with monsters always attacking, and these crazy people talking about worshiping only one god (why would we want to give the other gods reason to rain even more adversity down on us?). Of course, you could always go listen to the scop tell a rousing ubi-sunt lament, but in my opinion, they did it better when I was a youngling... Sitting 'round in a big family group, the firelight flickering on the story-teller's face... Oh, sorry, where was I?Yes, it was tough. Not only did they have to take a hike just to visit the outhouse at night, but they also had to worry about their immortal souls. The only way you were to live on after you died was to stay in the minds of those who lived after you. And the only way to do that... yep, you guessed it... kill lots of those naughty monsters (or else pay someone to tell a really inspiring tale about how you did). This, of course, wasn't exactly an easy thing to do. I mean, if you were of the common folk, you had to worry about getting your crops in on time, or shoeing that horse before his master came back for him. Even if you were royalty, this was difficult. One can't govern one's land and ride about looking for dragons at the same time.Of course, those who found the time did indeed live on in others' memory. Even today, we hear the tale of how brave, brave Sir Beowulf, Sir Beowulf led the way... Brave, brave Sir...

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