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Community Leadership Essay

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When it comes to organizations that meet the criteria of promoting community change, there are many around. The two organizations that will be the main focus will be Community Advocates and The Center for Community Change. These two organizations try to come into communities and make sure that the basic needs of the community members are being met, and if they are not, they do anything in their power to make sure that this changes. These groups try to better the communities around them mainly to ensure the health, safety, and other needs that these communities may have troubles keeping up. Without organizations like The Center for Community Change and Community Advocates, there would not be as many successful changes and benefits brought into these communities in need.
Community Advocates
Community Advocates is a Milwaukee based organization that was brought together in order to make sure that the basic needs of Milwaukeeans are met. These basic needs would include safe and affordable housing, adequate healthcare, reliable heat, and other necessary utilities. Along with providing basic needs for these community members, they also provide other help such as case management, workers that will help community members who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits, services for individuals and families with domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues that may need care (Community Advocates). Overall, the main goal of this organization is to make sure that any issues community members may have, are going to be met and surpassed with the help of these professionals. They want to make sure that their community members are staying safe, healthy, and if this is not the case then they want to do anything in their power in order to help them. A community organization like this is extremely beneficial to have.
Center for Community Change
Another community change based group that is going to be focused on is The Center for Community Change. This group was founded in 1968, and based off of the honor and values of Robert F. Kennedy. The main goal from this group is to make sure that people with low-income, especially those of color, can have a significant impact on improving their community’s policies and institutions that affect their lives (Center for Community Change). This group makes it a point to give these people the voice that they need in order to make sure there is going to be change in the community, and that this change is going to be beneficial to them. The CCC makes sure to bring together the different leaders in the community in order to join forces for common causes. It also makes sure that the community’s voice is heard and that change will be done in an effective and timely manner. This organization also has a sister advocacy group called the Campaign for Community Change. This group focuses more on increasing the profile on policy issues within the community, along with trying to educate and empower...

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