Community Nursing And Interprofessional Collaboration Essay

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In this event, the matter that is unusual can be the fact that I have experienced and witnessed the process for interprofessional collaboration between the community nurse and other professionals that I have never knew about before. This event made me realize that there are many aspects of community nursing that I have knew about before where in this situation it is the importance and accountability of interprofessional collaboration. From my nursing theory course I have learned that interprofessional collaboration is when the nurse forms relationships with other professionals that enable them to achieve a common goal to deliver care and strengthen the health system and clients involved in it. (Betker & Bewich, 2012, p.30) In this event, our mutual goal is to provide the appropriate care for the patients/residents so they can restore their health after their hip or knee surgery. In the nursing leadership and management textbook it stated “interprofessional practice removes the gatekeeper and allows client access to all caregivers based on expertise needed.” (Kelly & Crawford, 2013, p.35) In this event, my preceptor and I gained knowledge about Revera and will pass on this information to patients who are interested in staying at a retirement home after they discharge from the hospital. One literature talked about how according to the Institute of Medicine, it is critical to have the capacity to work together as part of the interdisciplinary team to assist in delivering high quality, patient-centered care. In addition, effective collaboration among health care professionals results in improved patient care and outcomes. (Wellmon, Gilin, Knauss & Linn, 2012) This indicates the importance of interprofessional collaboration to provide better patient care and improve outcomes. This research article conducted a study to examine changes in attitudes in students regarding learning and collaborating with other healthcare students and professionals by providing an interprofessional educational experience. The results showed that this experience led to improvements in the student’s attitudes towards learning and collaborating with peers in other disciplines. (Wellmon et al., 2012) This indicates interprofessional collaboration does not only benefit on health care teams but also in the learning process for students. This partnership can enhance the all group member’s learning experience. Another literature discussed about the ethics of this practice and it stated “Interprofessional care essentially ethical. Its espoused motivation is that it promotes the well-being of the patient or beneficence, which is to do well by the patient.” (Engel & Prentice, 2013) This article also brought up the topic of possible conflicts within the collaborated group members which can be due to competition arising between members or difference in viewpoints. The viewpoint was described as by necessity and guided by the each group member’s values and beliefs which can be influence...

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