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Community Observation Essay

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Running head: Community 1Community 4Community Observation PaperAlonzo AndersonLiberty UniversitySociology 200October 6, 2014Community Observation PaperTaking time out of your day seems a little obscured to some people this included me. I was worried about personal things in my life to give up time for someone else. But I was given the opportunity to do this and what came next was something that I was not expecting. I went to the local Recreational Center in Richmond, I was there to interact with the kids who attended the center. The activity that I had chosen with these kids were playing out in the field. I was there to observe at fist then I was able to interact with the kids. After that experience that I had, I not only changed my own perspectives, but the perspectives of others just by giving up some of my time.What was observed during the experience?What I had observed when I had got to the recreational center was just a bunch of kids throwing a ball around yelling at each other. After I guess their game started about two minutes into the game a fight had broken out and they started to wrestling after another, other member broke them up they start to say mean things about each other and threating each other when they left. These kids were nothing but mean and disrespectful when I first showed up. I had a mind set when watching these kids to change when I got involved with them. I wanted to show them how to interact with each other without the violence and without the profanity. I wanted to show them how to be a team and how to play sports with nothing more than just having fun.How did the experience affect you?This experience affected me by having the sensation of doing something good. I had also felt like I was needed. I was able to change the mind of these kids, they were ready to listen and be able to let go of everything and have fun. Playing different sports with these kids made me different person somehow. These kids at first saw as an adult who didn't want to talk or listen, and when they saw me get into the games that we were playing and acting as if I was part of the team. They had finally opened up and wanted to interact with me. They were letting go of everything that had bothering them, like school, home, and letting themselves interact with playing. These kids at first started off as disrespectful, yelling, and wondering off, and after the two hours that was spent throwing the ball, or playing with the Frisbee they were able to go a whole game with getting excited and no violence. I see these kids as affecting me in letting go of everything else that is in my head and leaving everything stressful go and have fun.What are the needs of the...

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