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Community Of Fear Essay

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Community Of Fear

Modern day ghettos are notoriously known for their neglected, impoverished state, the mysterious crimes that are committed within, the drug deals and gangstas made famous and romanticized by music and movies. As opposed to the poor image of a ghetto, the complex neighbourhoods and intelligently constructed communities referred to as ghettos during the time of the Holocaust share no resemblance. While employment options within modern day ghettos may be questionably illegal, during the Holocaust they represented a chance to live, regardless of what they were. Although the conditions within the Lodz Ghetto were harsh and unbearable, the employments that were provided to ...view middle of the document...

Oftentimes, educated Jews would offer illegal school lessons as well as smuggling in exchange for money which was unfortunately invalid outside of the camp (Shapiro).
The Lodz Ghetto was the second largest camp in Europe, containing more than 164.00 Jews. Aside from it’s immensity, it played a large part in European history as well as it’s industrial development. Due to it’s consistent textile production and export, it enhanced the quality of Europe’s mid-war supplies and industrial quality (“Conditions Within The”).
Although there were many causes of fatalities within the camps, hunger was the most dominant one. A lack of resources and willing providers within the camps often caused malnourishment and death. The easily transmitted and developed diseases caused by crowded conditions, the countless executions conducted by Nazis and lack of protection against cold weather conditions were responsible for the loss of countless Jews within the camps (Rosenberg).
The chronological order of significant events within the camp include the total of 17,826 Jews departed to the ghetto on December. 7, 1942, which marks the beginning of the large scale genocide conducted within it. Tragic killing and various painful deportations continued for 6 years until 1948 when 877 Jewish...

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