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Community Policing; Bringing Police And Citizen Together

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Community policing; bringing police and citizen togetherLast month five cops were beaten in Bangladesh. They were beaten by petty criminals in two separate cases. These incidents took place in the western district of Jhenidaha and in the northern district of Netrokona. In Jhenidaha a four member police team raided a house in a village and arrested a drug peddler. Hearing this, his accomplices came and attacked the police and not only they snatched the drug peddler but also beat up three cops and confined them to a house. Later the Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) came and rescued the police members. In the other incident in Netrokona two officers went to arrest an accused of a criminal case, who in turn, with his accomplices beat up the cops and also confined them to a house. Later a team of police came and rescued them. Attack on police is not uncommon in Bangladesh, especially in large agitations and processions by political parties, garments workers, religious and outlawed groups. However, attacks on police by petty criminals are unusual. In recent days one can see the rise of such incidents in Bangladesh. For instance, in another incident in the northern district of Mymensingh an accused criminal was snatched away from police by his accomplices leaving six policemen injured.It is important to note that in these cases police are acting on their own without the involvement or help from the local citizen. This is due to the fear that general people have against the police. The historical context has a bearing on this fear. The British, during their rule in this sub-continent introduced the policing system to maintain their control and fight crime in this area. Hence they developed a force that acted more like a military unit rather a unit that befriends the general people in fighting crime. This created alienation and mistrust between the police and the general people. It is unfortunate that the British colonial heritage is still very often reflected in the administrative structure, behaviors, laws and regulations of the police forces in Bangladesh. 'The Police Act 1861' and the revised 'The Police Act, 1902-1903' are still effective till date. Due to this military behavior of the police, general people have a tendency not to be anywhere near the police.This fear of police by the citizen leads in getting less information and support from the citizen that is basically hampering police work and putting a lot of workload on police. One famous study (RAND study) of how cases are resolved in the U.S. found that only 3% of crimes are cleared through pure investigative techniques. 97% are solved through the effort...

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