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In the media report selection process, many forms of media were considered including; news reports, news articles, as well as pages from websites. With many areas to consider, a great deal of searching and contemplation was brought forth. Eventually, two news articles were selected that showed a variety of opinions and topics of discussion relating to community service in secondary schools. Both articles were interesting and relatable to Chapman students.
The first news article selected is titled, “New Study Reveals High Schoolers are More Career-Minded Than College Students.” The article was written by Vicki Salemi and obtained online from Media Jobs Dailey. The primary audience for this article is Americas who are students in high school and college as well as their parents. Supporters for this media would include anyone who believes that high school students should participate in community service. The article discusses some of the reasons why high school students are being proactive with community service and is beneficial for the primary audience to be aware of this growing interest. For this article specifically, it was relatable for my colleagues because it discusses community service not only in high school, but how it relates to college. Finding a media source that integrated the focus of secondary education with future aspiration was one of the key factors in selecting the news article.
The second article selected was retrieved from San Jose Mercury News online. Carol Rosen’s “Today’s high school students face many pressures, but still find time for community service” provided readers with diverse interviews from public and private high school students in the San Jose area. The primary audience for this news article was anyone living in San Jose or the surrounding area. The article discusses a few high schools in the city as well as community service organizations. Supporters for this article would be people who advocate for community involvement because the work from the students is portrayed positively. This particular article was selected because it showed a broad range of California high schools and many different students were interviewed. The range of people involved in the article was broader than some television news clips that had similar topics. This article was also appealing because it discussed familiar schools, which my colleagues were able to relate.
One of the main areas of focus for the media report was selecting sources that contained adequate information about community service in secondary schools. Following one of the guidelines from Writing Literature Reviews, selecting an article that related to the topic was an important factor (Galvin 42). Another area of focus was reliability. To gain the interest of my colleagues, articles with relatable content were chosen. The intention was to relate community service by finding an article with a familiar community or location and to show a relationship between high...

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