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Community Needs And Individual Rights Essay

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The needs of the communities are easy to understand once we recognize their significances and needs. Communities are mainly use to understand the individuals that lived there, to comprehend their culture, concerns, and relationships. In other worlds, communities are groups that remain related to one another in many ways of life; however, an individual has their own ideas their own vision of life. Both communities and individual remain closely related, this may cause violations to obtain their own needs; nonetheless many laws, rights and ideals help prevent these violations.
In the Maslow’s Hierarchy of need it is demonstrated the essentials of the community in five different stages: Physiological, safety, love, self-esteem and self-actualization. Communities as it is express above is a group of individuals; each of these individuals needs self – actualization meaning the need for personal growth that is present during the course of a person’s life. The stage of love means being around by their love once and being free and save without having any dreaded. The only stage that may affect with the individual rights might be the stage of freedom, meaning that for some individuals their rights of freedom may affect the rights of others.
“‘Stand your ground’ law states that a person may use deadly force in self-defense without the duty to retreat when faced with a reasonable perceived threat” (U.S. News). This law help the communities feel safe and better protect by the law once is giving out power to the community to protect or defend themselves. This law gives rights to the community; however it infringed the individual needs. “The law removes a person’s duty to retreat before using deadly force against another in any place he has the legal right to be – so long as he reasonably believed he or someone else faced imminent death or great bodily harm” (Lee3). The law helps the community feel protected; but it takes the people’s rights, in this case those that are been accuse of a crime that may have been committed to defend their selves. A person can be accuse blindly, even though this law gives the individual permeation to act out on it selves if they feel unprotected. Such an example would be that of Marissa Alexander. Marissa was sentenced to 20 year, for shooting at her abusive husband. She “was convicted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon” (Horwitz1).
Even though the Constitution protected the rights of the individual and the rights of the community, many communities did not follow this ideal. For and example would the narrative that is written in the novel “The Scarllet Letter,” written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The novel begans in Massachuset in the year of 1700; Hester Prynne, the main character, is beging accuses of adultary. In this point in time many of the laws revold around religion, and the rights of an individual were not develop as much as they were today, in this...

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