Society's Dependence On Modern Technology Essay

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The human race could be at risk. Observing the world and its inhabitants, this planet has proved to be a very dangerous place for the human being. We as a species, although not nearly as strong or as fast as most animals are, a brilliant, mechanically inclined race that has created and designed ways to make us the most dominating force on the planet. Our advancements in modern technology has grown to become a necessity. Ironically, modern technology although vital to the survival of men and women, through evident health risks, less jobs, and invasion of privacy may also become our specie’s very demise.
With every passing day, the ingenuity of the human race brings new and easier ways to complete everyday tasks. With such advancements there is a possibility that the human race may evolve into a weaker and much unhealthier species. For example, even though considered a stretch, in the 2008 computer animated film “Wall-E”, Humans no longer walk. Humans are carried from place to place on-board robotic cars. Everyday tasks such as cleaning, errands, and simple chores are no longer needed to be done by humans, instead computers and robots handle these issues. Humans become extremely over-weight, over reliant on machines, and lose intelligence due to lack of interaction with the world around them. Humans are becoming more, and more reliant on the mechanics of robotics everyday. Modern technology has given men and women great power; the power to travel great distances, live longer, gain vast knowledge, even change their appearances. What if today all modern technology is suddenly stripped from the planet? How would humans who have lived with it since they were born handle day to day life? With less work needed to be done manually, this may hinder the knowledge and experience needed for humans to perform small yet vital tasks for its species to survive.
Progressive modern technology although helpful to workers could be slowly on the path to replacing the human work force nearly all together. Unlike humans, robotics on an assembly line works at a much faster, harder, and more efficient pace. Few and few jobs are, needed by humans. This can suffocate our ability of doing normal jobs. This replacement can be seen more and more every day at cashier check-outs which are replaced by auto check-outs in grocery stores, few security guards are needed due to advanced...

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