Community Service In Secondary Schools Essay

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Findings from the Inquiry Process

In completing each method of the inquiry process, new perspectives were brought forth and valuable information was gathered. The three methods included the media report, the literature review, and the interview assignment. In all approaches, new voices emerged to discuss the topic of community service in secondary schools to a specific audience.
By completing the media report, I gained insight on what many people are exposed to when they want to read about community service in secondary schools. In my report, I focused on two newspaper articles that gave a general overview of high school students who serve and evaluated the overall tone portrayed by the ...view middle of the document...

The media showed what is generally known about the topic and the literature review was an opportunity to see the academic perspective. The literature review also added information about student benefits, strategies, and some areas for improvement within schools. For the interview assignment, I was able to talk with real people and better understand how each person had a unique relationship with community service. By only doing one of these approaches, my perspective would be extremely narrow and I would not have been able to capture diverse areas of information.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Inquiry Process (Individual and Combined)

In the beginning of this process, I defiantly made the mistake of not allowing myself enough time to complete the assignments. By progressing through the projects, I got better at time management and was able to put more thought into my writing. If I could do something differently, I would find a way to make more time to really analyze each assignment and figure out the best way to complete each one.
The media report it was helpful to gain insight of what is generally portrayed when high school community service is discussed. The limitations through the media were that the newspaper articles tended to only explore one idea. This was true for the article about whether community service was helpful for students transitioning to college as well as the other article that sought to find out if high school students actually enjoy serving. Although I admit to having a bias about the media’s portrayal of certain subjects, I felt that this process brought fourth the least amount of information, which was the biggest drawback.
During the literature review, it was nice to have so much information about my topic. By researching countless articles, I felt that I truly gained an expert opinion about how students are being effected by participating in community service because I had massive amounts of information from different studies. The drawback to this method was that it took the most amount of time. When searching for articles, it was sometimes hard to find information that was relevant to my topic. I found myself reading many article descriptions before I found ones that were applicable.
I enjoyed the interview assignment the most because I was able to meet with many great people who are passionate about community service. Each of the three people were able to provide with different personal perspectives and I thought that I gained a lot of information. The drawback to this was that each response was based on their own opinions and most of the time only applied to their own experience.
Through these inquiry...

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