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Community Service In High Schools Essay

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As Lillian Smith said, “Education is a private matter between the person and the world of knowledge and experience, and has little to do with school or college.” Although the knowledge that students acquire in schools is of extreme importance and significance, learning about life and the aspects of is equally important. A way to increase the grasping of such concepts is through learning how to help others and give back to the community. Such activities will help students become well-rounded individuals who not only have strong mental abilities, but also emotional powers that will further them in life. By completing community service hours, students can acquire this additional education and awareness. High schools should mandate community service hours for all students because these pupils will be exposed to different environments, be able to contribute selflessly to society selflessly, and learn valuable skills to supplement all areas in life.
When volunteering, high school students meet a countless number of people in many diverse situations, as well as learning new and distinctive skills. Frequently, teenagers in school experience the same conditions and circumstances from day-to-day at school and home. However, by volunteering, these students learn how to adapt to different people in different situations and environments. Because pupils do not generally get such a change of setting, this change exposes them to activities that they would have not encountered had they not done community service. Although students may argue that they would not have the time to do any hours of volunteer work, if an high school only mandates a low number of required community service hours to be spread over the four years of high school; there would not be any problems in competing the work. These various environments may also influence a student and affect future career interests. The people met while volunteering can also help throughout life, as well as enabling students to find friendships and form bonds that they may have otherwise not. At the very least, working with others gives pupils a chance to build networking skills, which will come in handy later in life. Students who participate in community service activities related to their future career goals can learn and improve needed skills as well as help prepare for work experiences totally unrelated to their community service work.
Community service will allow high schoolers to learn a variety of lessons, including how to contribute positively to the community. Volunteering will encourage students to act more selflessly towards others, helping those in need. This will overall create a more humane and civilized society of well rounded individuals who are both compassionate and mentally strong. Many well known public figures have...

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