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What does the organization/group you volunteered for do for the community?
The Eagle Scout Project and the Webelos Experience I volunteered for are both through Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts is a program which children from 11-18 join, while Cub Scouts are 7-11. At the Webelos Experience Boy Scouts help run stations for the Webelos. Webelos is the highest rank in Cub Scouts. This program teaches the values of citizenship and leadership among many things. We can see these values spillover into the real word as many people who have accomplished great things were in the Boy Scout program. These people include New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Barber Conable, the president of the World Bank, and even presidents Gerald Ford, and John F. Kennedy. Boy Scouts makes it’s participants better people and commonly volunteer in the community, such as food drives and helping during flag ceremonies at many places including City Hall. I also volunteered at my church, St. Joan of Arc. St. Joan of Arc is very active in the community and goes on mission trips annually, participates in the Mobile Loaves and Fishes program. Also St. Joan of Arc participates in a program in which the church builds affordable housing for people that are homeless or at risk of being homeless and/or people with low income.

What did you do for service?
For my service I helped build a Purple Martin House, run team building activities at the Webelos Experience, and helping at my church’s nursery. A Purple Martin is a type of bird that are very dependant on humans to help them survive. Building Purple Martin houses protect the Purple Martins from predators. When I helped build the Purple Martin House I helped install it into the ground. To do this I had to help dig out dirt to install the house. Once I helped put the Purple Martin House in the ground I had to help cover it up with the dirt to make it stable. When I volunteered at the Webelos Experience I helped run team building activities along with my Boy Scout Troop. I mainly ran an activity in which the Webelos had to get across an area with four large wooden circles, which they were given at the starting point. However, the Webelos were not allowed to walk on the ground and could only have two people at maximum on the circles at once. However, there had to be at least one Webelo on each wooden circle. When I was volunteering at my church’s nursery I cleaned toys for the toddlers. This entailed wiping all the toys down in the nursery. Once I did this I played with the toddler for around an hour. The toddlers and I mainly played with the small ball pit that the nursery has for the children. After I did this I re-cleaned all the toys and cleaned up all of the toys in the nursery.

How did you feel about your service?

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