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Community Service Project Report: Voluteering In Engaging Lation Communities For Education (Enlace) Miami

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Giving back to society is a common goal most people target, but not many complete. During the summer of 2013, it was a pleasure to do just that, and give back to the most important members of our community, the children. From June 17, 2013 to July 26, 2013 I committed myself as a volunteer of ENLACE Miami (Engaging Latino Communities for Education), which is a collaborative, community wide partnership for education taking place at Florida International University and sponsored by the Children’s Trust. The students in this program participated in activities and courses including reading lab, technology initiative, non-violence, Fit-Kids, chess, and science. My responsibilities included teacher assistance, student aid, and program cooperation. It was truly an engaging experience to participate as a summer of ENLACE volunteer and most importantly give back to my community.
The commitment to this program not only from the volunteers, but also from the staff is truly admirable. To participate in this program, I was required to fill out and obtain multiple forms including an affidavit and a clearance form from the Juvenile Court. When the program actually started, most of my volunteer time was spent with the teachers that instruct the children during their classes. A great portion of the time was dedicated to the arrangement of enjoyable, yet academic activities, which for most of the time could not be set up by a single person. As a teacher’s assistant, it was my pleasure to partake in the assemble of engaging activities such as scientific experiments and use versatility in the set up of technological appliances all for the benefit of the participants of the program. My greatest satisfaction was to contemplate and observe the joy of the children as they learned and acquired abilities, which they would later use in their everyday...

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