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Community Services Essay

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The word “Community” means, all the people who live in a particular area or a group of people who are considered as a unit because of their shared interests, background or nationality.”Community Services” are works that people do without any payment to help other people. It is also known as the work which people may be ordered to do as a punishment. This punishment is given for misdemeanors.Community Services help a person to enhance their moral caliber and moral values, although there are different community services due to difference in the interests of the people but their aim or goal is the same, that they want to give benefits to others by their own selves.In my country Pakistan, I took part in a few community services, for instance, I was in the boy scouts. We helped to maintain discipline when the religious gatherings were taking place. We also helped to organize the crowd when the religious processions were being taken out.Another community service that I worked in was a group of teenager boys living in our society. We called ourselves “Helpers of society”. What we did was help elderly people in their work when we were free. From 12th to 14th of august, we decorated flats and apartments and of our society by spending our own savings on it because on 14th of august its Pakistan’s independence day. We bought flags by our own savings and decorated them on the entire society with lights to celebrate our independence with our society and making them happy.Some people may take it for granted when they receive a service from the community, because they do not acknowledge the benefits of it or the would-be circumstances without it.The term community care means to provide both health and social care within an...

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