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Community Without Borders Essay

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Over twelve years ago my family developed a bond with Martina Amoth, a native Kenyan who was traveling in the United States with her husband and young son, Robert. Our two families blended wonderfully, permitting a life-long relationship to flourish. Two years later, in the winter of 2004, Martina, her husband, Robert, and my mom Deb traveled to Kenya to aid the children and families within the community. During the month of December, Martina and Deb worked fervently on projects to aid the community. Such projects included building a well, providing school supplies, desks, health care supplies, and maize to feed over one hundred people for three months. After the conclusion of her adventures in Kenya, Deb informed me of how she made a difference to the young minds and the surrounding village. At the early age of seven, my mind began to develop ideas of how I could change the world just like my heroic mom. Once I reached seventh grade, I decided that I wanted to travel to Kenya as well. After putting years of thought into a possible visit to the slums in and surrounding Kenya that my mom had worked at almost a decade earlier, I was approved to partner with Martina and her organization, Education Effect Africa. I named this endeavor Community Without Borders which would inevitably serve as my Senior Project.
In the summer of 2014, Deb, my sister Katie, and I will be traveling to Kenya in hopes of completing many of the same tasks that Deb had done in 2004. The objectives of Community Without Borders include building a fresh water well in the community served by Martina’s organization and purchasing ten chalkboards for classrooms, one hundred textbook sets and backpacks, and twenty desks. In order to raise awareness for my project, I have created a website and have presented to many organizations within my church, Christ United Methodist Church, and plan on presenting to the Rotary Club of Bridgeville-South Fayette. In addition, I have created a website where individuals are able to make online donations and have taken part of an Alternative Giving Mart at CUMC where...

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