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Companies Requiring A Degree Just To Get Your Resume Read

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There is a problem these days with companies requiring a degree just to get your resume read says Fischer (2013). People with bachelor’s degrees applying for employment have been found by the employers not to be very qualified. Two thirds of the colleges providing applicants for employment showed they were going to provide fair to poor employees. When the interviews were held the interviewers gave the applicants low marks which was an indication of becoming a potentially poor employee. They were also regarded as “lacking basic workplace proficiencies, like adaptability, communication skills and the ability to solve complex problems“(Fischer, 2013). Since this degree requirement is in place and never seems to be going away, why are there issues with recent graduates? According to Fischer the answer may lie in the new definition of work. Now day’s people are expected to be able to handle everything right away with little instruction, companies are expecting to not have to train their new employees beyond the basics of the company. There are much higher expectations of the applicants since there are now three times as many college undergraduates as there were a generation ago. Though most colleges cast a value on their degrees in terms of analytical and research skills, decision making and communication most companies find new employees lack these skills right out of college. Just because the same words are used to describe two things doesn’t mean those words mean the same thing (Fischer, 2013). According to the article educators think of these terms in an academic context while employers think of these terms in a real world context. Another thought brought up in this article is about on the job training and its demise. Since so many people are moving from job to job throughout their lives there aren’t as many long term employees anymore. It is not cost effective for these companies to train their new employees with on the job training, this is why companies expect their employees to perform right out of the gate. The issue for current colleges and students is some schools focus on internship placement, programs designed with industry input and career centers while others believe workplace skills should be taught on the job. A degree gives a person a broad education and the more focused narrowed down education should come from the employer. According to Paul Herrington at Drexel University, Fischer states, even though businesses complain about college graduates, studies...

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