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Will You Be My Companion?
As it has been rightly said, “Good company and good discourse are the very sinews of virtue.” It also stands true in the magical word of plants. Companion gardening is the new age way of gardening in which a plant is a friend with benefits.
Companion gardening and is the planting of different plants in proximity for pest control, pollination, providing habitat for beneficial creatures, maximizing use of space, and to otherwise increase productivity and life . In scientific terms it is called “Polyculture”. It’s history dates back to1970s where this technique was widely promoted as part of the organic gardening movement. It was encouraged for pragmatic reasons, ...view middle of the document...

· Companions use garden space efficiently— This is best for gardening in small spaces.
· Companions prevent pest problems—Plants like onions repel some pests. They shoo away all the undesirable creatures.
· Companions attract beneficial insects— These insects act as friends in disguise and help others.

Best Friends Forever

Roses and chives: Gardeners prefer planting garlic with roses because garlic is said to repel rose pests.and their small purple or white flowers in late spring looks great with rose flowers and add to the beauty.
Tomatoes and cabbage: Tomatoes act as repellent to diamondback moth caterpillars that chew large holes in cabbage leaves and hence save the cabbage
Cucumbers and nasturtiums: The Nasturtiums are known to repel cucumber beetles.
Corn and beans: The beans attract beneficial insects that help save the corn by killing its pests and besides that, bean vines climb up the corn stalks for support.
Lettuce and tall flowers: Tall flowers act as an umbrella and provide the...

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