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Company Background & Product Analysis

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Company Background & Product Analysis1.1 Briefly provide a background discussion on your company and their products/services. Identify which product you can have chosen to analyze and why? What category of new product is it?Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone maker. It is the world leader in mobile communications, driving the growth of the big mobility industry. Nokia is dedicated to increasing people's lives and productivity by providing easy-to-use and secure products like mobile phones, and solutions for imaging, games, media, mobile network operators and businesses.Mobile Phones products in NOKIA Company are the most famous in the world.NOKIA 7200, it is the new type of mobile ...view middle of the document...

B., & Gray. A., p 269)Yes, all Nokia mobile phones are branded with the Nokia logo.2.2 If so, what are the brands attributes and benefits?The brands attributes is that have made Nokia the leading manufacturer of wireless phones globally-a strategy that serves Nokia, 2001 Nokia jumped 86% up the brand scale to a 5th place from 55thFinnish cell phone brand Nokia earns top spot for Europe and Africa again this year with 19 % of the regional vote among 1,290 respondents. With 40% of the worldwide cell phone market, Nokia's "closest" competition in this field is Motorola with 14% of the market followed by Samsung with 11 %, the value of Nokia brand is over 35 $Mil.FIGURE 2 the value of branding1 COCA-COLA 68.92 MICROSOFT 65.13 IBM 52.84 GE 42.45 NOKIA 35.06 INTEL 34.77 DISNEY 32.68 FORD 30.19 McDonald's 25.310 AT&T 22.8 If not, would you recommend branding and why or why not? Justify your response and develop some brand attributes.2.4 Develop a brand positioning man around 2 of the key attributes.Competitors3.1 Who are the major competitors in the market for this new product?Competitor is the Persons who compete to the same market or the same produce similar product. In the mobile phone market, Nokia's major competitor is Motorola, which is the second player in this market.3.2 What products do they sell which are similar to yours?Motorola, the No. 2 player in mobile phones, has been enjoying a wave of good news. The new type of mobile phone is Motorola V80 which is the competes with Nokia 7200.V80 is the successor for such model as Motorola v70. By the way the manufacturer decided to change the title, R880 is now known as v80 in order to point out the succession of these models, an interesting case, considering that the company is still sticking to new title scheme for other upcoming models. If your product is a completely new (i.e. New to the world) product/service, which competitors do you believe will be the biggest threats to your new product? Justify your response.Nokia 7200 is the new type of camera mobile phone. Motorola's mobile phone will be the biggest threats to Nokia 7200. Motorola will as soon as to produce the new type of mobile phone, which is similar to the Nokia 7200.Target Market4.1 Briefly discuss the target market characteristics for your product (include aspects of demographics psychographics, benefits sought and lifestyle characteristics or family lifecycle stage where applicable) and justify your response.Target market is a set of buyers sharing common needs or characteristic that the company decides to serve. (Philip. K., Stewart. A. Linden. B., & Gray. A., p 230)NOKIA, the world's largest mobile telephone company, launched the Nkia 7200 mobile phone aimed at Asia markets. It would set up a research and development facility in India. Asian countries such as India and China offer huge potential to...

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