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Business Climate Essay

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Business Climate
The population in Canada is growing because more people are becoming a citizen and the older population is living longer. Canada is the 32nd largest country in population. The population statistics as of July 2009 is 33,487,208. In the workforce the aging populations are staying at work longer.
Most of the corporations in Canada are hiring immigrants due to large amount of them crossing the border. There is a high demand for skilled workers because not enough of the locals are continuing their education. The aging population is staying in the workforce longer because the birth rate is low and there are no young people to replace those getting close to retirement age. Because of this situation the Canadians will continue to look at immigrants to hire.
Canada is working on improving the education system because of the high school drop-out rate among locals or immigrants. Most of locals attend public schools and most schools are taught in English and French because both languages are welcome in the schools. Students are not graduating and corporations are finding out that their companies have to hire outside of Canada. The Board of Education is implementing ideas on how to retain students to stay in school. The GDP spends most of it funds programs for schools. Canada economy is strong but always have to be aware of global economic.
Canada is a Westminster style federal parliamentary democracy within a constitution monarchy. Canada operates their law system like the United States and is mostly a free country. Its structure is by the British parliament and has very strong democratic traditions. There are two systems common and civil laws; civil law applies in the province of Quebec and the civil code containing the rules of general principles; common law applies in the other province and territories. Both meet new challenges or issues concerning the legal system.
Economic Indicators
Canada currency is called Canadian Dollar (CAD). The CAD is referred to as “buck”; the word “loonie” is used to distinguish the CAD in context of foreign exchange trading. One hundred cents add up to one CAD. Canadians use coins to circulate in Canada a par and some Canadian coins may circulate in United States as well, but are not accepted in the United States. The Canadians accept all United States coins in circulation. The currency exchange rate with USD to CAD: $1.00 USD = 1.0360/1 CAD = 0.964596 USD. The inflation rate of the Canadian dollar is very low which makes it an important factor in the country. The USD has fallen against Canada which means that Canada has risen among other countries. The dollar is weak in the United States but Canada dollar will hurt if the United States dollar rises too much or too fast. Another issue...

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