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Business Development Needs: Riordan. Essay

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Introduction.The following paper we will be discussing the different type of business requirements and what each will constitute and/or bring to the company. We have decided to briefly discuss about flow charts, procedures, and policy statements to give management at Riordan Manufacturing some understanding of what each consists. Understanding the needs of Riordan and what area needs to be readjusted will also provide us the opportunity of discussing each format with Riordan Manufacturing in mind. Once we have a clear picture of what flow charts, procedures, and policy statements might assist the company, then we will be able to make a recommendation to Riordan Manufacturing management, which in turn will provide them an opportunity of making the best decision.Flow Charts.Flow charts can bring many different variables to the table of a business. They can help a business monitor production, customer satisfaction, and profits. Flow charts can help a business find the areas that need improvement that can improve the business. By having flow charts, it will enable Riordan Manufacturing the ability to monitor the progress of the new implementation program. By having the capability to monitor progress of the new system in the U.S. plants, business developers will be able to determine if the decision to implement flow charts was a good decision or not, plus it will also provide management the capability to make the proper adjustments to improve quality and performance of the business.Procedures.Most if not all companies have standard operating procedures in place for implementation of a new plan. We will incorporate our general replacement procedure with the standard replacement procedure of Riordan. At the onset of implementation of the program, a six-month replacement plan for computers and other hardware will be put into effect. At the same time, arrangements will bed made for the technical support staff to address the maintenance needs of computers, printers, cabling and all other technology related equipment for each building. The new server system would be implemented by replacing the current server which the new starting location would be Riordan's choice. The technology coordinator will be responsible for acquisitions, maintaining repair and maintenance records and for keeping an inventory of all technology equipment in the company. Each building representative will provide the technology coordinator with records of the equipment in his or her building.The new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software would follow the new server system once the system is implemented in the new building. This would create a staggered offset so that once a building had its computers and hardware replaced, the next phase would be the server/client change, followed by the CRM software upgrade until each building was complete. Network installers will leave documentation of their work and a...

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