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Business: Effective Innovations And Technological Advances

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Organizational Impact Paper
Organizations determine their structure by the various goals the organization wants to achieve; however, organizational structure can facilitate or deter the organizations advancement with regard to the accomplishment of these goals. Both small and larger organizations can attain increased sales and added profits in appropriately matching their structure with their needs to function. The three organizational structure types are, functional, divisional and matrix.
Innovation has a significant impact on the organization giving it a competitive advantage, and today organizations must be innovative to be successful and competitive in the marketplace. Ideas of innovation not only impact organizational strategy, the process, service, and products offered to the consumers. Innovative ideas require the organizational leaders to identify how the implementation process will proceed and its success based on the structure of the organization.
UPS (United Parcel Service) - Functional Structure
United Parcel Service (UPS) is continually finding innovative ways to remain the world’s largest package delivery company. Founded in 1907, the innovative strategies have continued in offering package delivery, logistics service, and specialized transportation in over 200 countries globally.
In 1907, the company started by James Casey in Seattle, Washington, called the American Messenger Company, and opened with the minimal sum of $100.00 Casey borrowed from a friend; Casey saw the need for this delivery service and in 1919 expanded to California, and was renamed United Parcel Service. According to UPS (2014), one of the first innovations was “building the first conveyor belt system for handling packages.” UPS was also the first to implement the “common carrier service” which influenced the growth of UPS over the years.
Today, UPS modernized their operations by implementing the use of digital technology, using both wireless links and hand-held computers to assist in the automation of package flow and delivery, and the implementation of online tracking for customers went live in 1996. UPS continues to innovate with technological advances to have an impact on providing the delivery of packages to its customers both locally and globally in an efficient and timely manner.
Even back in 1907, UPS had competition, and according to UPS (2014), “it was because of James Casey´s firm policies of customer courtesy, reliability, round-the-clock service, and low rates. These values, lead UPS today, and according to D. Scott Davis UPS Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (2014), "Innovation, execution, and growth capture the UPS of yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is a simple formula for our past successes and a roadmap for the future."
Bank of American - Divisional Structure
Bank of America is one of the leading banks in America and continually provides services surpassing other. Bank of America has had a unique history of...

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