Business Ethics And Diversity In The Work Place

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Ethics and Diversity in the WorkplaceEthics and Diversity and what does it mean?1. Definition of ethics2. Ethics in the world and in the workplace3. How ethics affects the world and workplace4. Ethics in the workplace starts with teamwork5. How can we encourage others to be ethical6. Definition of Diversity7. Diversity in the world and workplace8. How Diversity can affect or job9. Were do we start to encourage diversityTraining Needed for Ethics and Diversity* Company policy on discrimination* Laws on discriminationConclusion* Summary of everythingDefinition of ethics:The study of value or quality, in which is right, wrong, equal,and responsibility. What may be right to one could be different for another. Is is ethical to drive a plane into the side of a building to some no but to those who believe in something other yes. Ethics is a huge factor in our world today it can either make us or break us. In my report I will explain Ethics and Diversity and how it is a huge part of our lives.Definition of Diversity:A form of individualism, unique characteristics, beliefs and values. (Culture, religion, sexuality, genger, ECT) What makes everyone different from eachother, no two people are exactly the same, everyone has their own feelings and beliefs. Something makes you different from others. Diversity is what makes this world interesting, different cultures, different beliefs, and different ethical values.How Ethics and Diversity affect the workplace and the world:It is twelve O'clock and Hussain prays everyday at this time but he started a knew job and does not want to distract anyone or bring attention to hiself. What should he do? As a child he was brought up that certain times of the day he is called upon to pray, to him this is ethical but to some of his fellow employees it may not be. I feel that the job should allow him his space to do what he believes in but in the world we live in to day, this does not really happen.As a child I was brought up in a vary diversited neighborhood, were everyone got along well with eachother. My parents rasied me to believe that we are all created equal on the inside, but as I grew older and started wathcing those around me, I learned yes we are all equal but vary different up brings. I had a friend who lived across the street from me and at the age of 16yrs her parents arranged her to be married to a man the she has only met twice in her life. I of course as a child felt this was wrong and vary sick of the family and couldn't understand how any parents could do this to their child. Now that I am older I understood ethics and morals more I realized that it was their religion and it was something they believed strong in.Most work places today are becoming increasingly diverse as people of different genders, races, cultures, ethnic origins, and life styles find themselves working together. As a result, the workplace is becoming increasingly multicultural. Some organizations are just now encountering the effects of a...

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