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Business & How To Manage Essay

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If in the future I'm ever in a rock band I would have to be crazy to play here in BMCC because it wouldn't be good for business. I wouldn't make any profit so therefore the cash flow wouldn't be too great. If I had to choose what I was providing I would have to say that I would be providing a service because I'm only performing. If I were to sell anything of any sort then I would be providing a product. Usually ever sense I could remember bands in concert have been providing both product and service. In my opinion they would make a little extra cash doing so. I mean imagine selling a $35.00 shirt to a sold out concert of 100,000 people and that they would all buy a single shirt that would be 350.000 dollars. That my friends is a lot of money.In my personal opinion I think that the management function is not more or less important than the marketing function for my band. Both functions are important for the band. The band needs a management plan that focuses on organizational structure, production, and human resources. The organizational structure is helpful so that the members of the band can know what their roles and responsibilities are, and to help estimate that salary each member will be getting paid. The band would also need a production plan so that there can be a proposed design and layout of the facilities available for the band and the amount of space available as well. The production plan would also help estimate the cost of all the machinery or equipment that needs to be purchased. There would also need to be a work environment that will motivate the band members. It would have to be a fun and safe environment where we can all feel comfortable and therefore strive to maximize our performance.If I'm planning to open my own record store in a local mall it would be awesome. One thing that would strongly be enforced would have to be that the customer is the king. Whatever the customer wants the customer gets. In my personal opinion companies cannot survive without customers. I have to know that I'm in a business that customers desire it and when they uphold my product that they would be in adequate quality so that, that customer would be satisfied in whatever product that they decide to purchase. If for some reason I don't provide the desire, product and quality the customer would want then the customer unfortunate would to his back on me and my business and switch his back to my competitors. Customers want quality, good prices, customer service, and good products. This is why the customer is the king. Everything in business is done for the customer.When people in general open up a small business such as a small pizzeria without a proper business plan there could be problems in this situation.In my point of view there are great disadvantages of this action. A business plan precisely explains your business, tells about your goals, and serves as your firm's resume. The basic components include a current and an on going balance sheet, an...

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