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Business Intelligence Plan Essay

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The objective of this Business Intelligence (BI) plan is to encourage outsourcing and offshoring information security (IS) pursuits. The plan provides guidelines for successful implementation of IS systems intended to diminish security risks. The anticipated audiences of this BI plan are chief information officers (CIO) and chief information security officers (CISO). Senior management has an obligation to streamline information technology (IT) budgets, defend spending, and augment service delivery and efficiency (NASCIO, 2008). BI plans are usually comprised of (a) software, hardware, network, and associated infrastructure; (b) data analyses applications; and, (c) a portal or dashboard with which users interact (Hennen, 2009). The function of launch and analytical teams offers computer professionals with vital information to guarantee the successful execution of the plan. Hence, abiding by the recommendations included in this plan will help guarantee selection of the most suitable vendor.
The assignment research goal was to present a BI plan to the CIO in an effort to promote outsourcing and offshoring IS activities. Topics include (a) strategies for updating technical hardware, software, service, and knowledge used in the reduction of information security risks; (b) the role of launch and analytical teams of computer practitioners working with domestic and international vendors; and (c) associated costs, the coordination and control process, training programs, and auditing methods.

Business Intelligence Plan
As companies seek cost savings and operational efficiencies with their current business processes, they frequently engage service providers domestically or internationally to garner further cost savings associated with aspects for instance; reduced wages, decreased operating expenses and employees with expertise that may not be available in-house (Thompson, 2013). On the other hand, several companies elect to relocate their operations to offshore locations but maintain control over their infrastructure, staff and processes (Thompson, 2013). Nevertheless, companies must manage the risks associated with protecting their assets and their data while abiding by the innumerable regulations and laws that regulate their business.
This BI plan centers on stratagem for updating technical hardware, software, service, and expertise employed in the decreasing of IS risks. The security services may necessitate added hardware resources. Therefore, vigilantly appraise hardware requisites and ascertain that ample computing resources are accessible subsequent to project commencement (Bass, 2013). Furthermore, incorporate capital expenses for any hardware or software purchases for factoring into the concluding determination (Bass, 2013).
Outsourcing and Offshoring
As reported by SupportWorld, “among organizations that outsource IT work, the percentage of their total IT budget going to service providers rose at the median from...

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