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Company Motivational Profile/Google Inc.Eric Barnes, Terrell Monger, Chris Matthew, James Harvey Sr.University of PhoenixPSY / 320Dr. Adam CarrAugust 25, 2009Company Motivational Profile/Google Inc.Google has become not only a household name, but has integrated itself into our everyday vocabulary while referring to performing an internet search. Many people are curious to what the word "Google" means and how did it come about. The word is actually a derivative of the word googol, which was first used by the Milton Sirotta. The word googol was also made popular a book authored by Edward Kasner and James Newman. The book is entitled "Mathematics and the Imagination". The word googol refers to the number represented by the numeral 1 continued by one hundred zeros. (Google, 2007) Google use the word to echoe the company's efforts to organize an extensive amount of information that is available on the World Wide Web.BackgroundCreators Larry Page and Sergey Brin were two college students who began to collaborate on a internet search engine, then referred to as "Backrub" which earned the name from its trait of being able to map the "back links" of the internet and direct searchers to other web sites. Larry had the skills required so that he was able to take on the task of piecing together a host of electronic equipment, building a network from low end servers, hence keeping cost to a minimum. From the very beginning they had to borrow servers while providing the search engine the ability to meet the ever increasing bandwidth demands. One year after the release of the search engine "Backrub", it began to gain a reputation by word of mouth and in the world of IT. The two continued to modify and enhance their new found technology through the early part of 1998. Although the word was out about the new search engine, money was still an issue for the starving college students. Larry was forced to buy less than adequate hard drives to maintain the expanding necessity of space needed for their increasing data center which still remained in their small dorm room.Meanwhile, the two friends began contacting possible business investors that might want to invest in this new technology that they thought was better than anything that was currently available. Needless to say, they had a difficult task of trying to persuade anyone to invest money or time in to their new company, at the height of the DOTCOM era. Even though the search engine was still in the testing stage, it was providing answers to more than ten thousand queries per day. The upstart website began to receive notice by the press as a relevant and effective site that produces great search results. In 1998, Google was named on the Top 100 web sites and search engines in the December edition of PC Magazine. The beta label was removed from the Google's website on September 21, 1999.In Google's early days it was going up against giants, such as Microsoft. Google can be...

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2011 words - 8 pages Mabey, Graeme Salaman and John Storey (2001) Human Resource Management ¡V A Strategic Introduction, 2nd Edition Addison-Wealey Publishing Company Motivation Stoner, J, Yetton, P, Craig, J & Johnston, K (1994) Management, 2nd Edition Prentice Hall

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