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Company Motivational Profile Paper and PresentationPSY/320Company Motivational Profile PaperIn 1977, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield moved to Burlington, Vermont to complete a written communication course in ice cream. By May 1978, the two friends opened an ice cream shop in Burlington, Vermont. This was the starting-point for Ben and Jerry's. By 1980, Ben and Jerry started selling ice cream to many restaurants in Burlington. A year later the friends opened their second retail outlet in Shelburne, Vermont. Two years later Ben and Jerry's expanded its distribution to other states. By 1990, the company leaders looked back on their extraordinary growth, including about 100 franchised shops (Ben & Jerry's Homemade, n.d.). Additionally, Ben and Jerry's have been in business for 32 years and continue to make the best ice cream in the nicest way. After conducting research, Ben and Jerry's Homemade Incorporation will be outlined in accordance, including the background, culture and management, eight motivational strategies, and an analysis.Ben & Jerry's HistoryIn 1978, Ben had no luck with the main stream job market he could not find anything that suited him. Jerry found himself failing to be approved to enter medical school twice before realizing it was not for him. They tried their luck with a cheap course on how to make ice-cream, so they took the first steps in the ice-cream world by opening an ice-cream shop inside a shell of a building that used to be a service station in the center of town. People in their own community started to notice the quality of their ice cream, to top it besides it being organic, something that was not thought of much at that time however, the ice-cream being all natural did not hurt any sales. Ben had the worst taste buds, so he had to rely on the texture of what was in his mouth. Ben and Jerry were the worst accountants. A few months had gone by and they had to close shop. The year 1979 came around and they decided to give it another try, this time hand packed pints from Ben's car. This would lead to small shops, store chains. They were finally able to open another shop, and the rest, as they say, is history.Very important dates to Ben and Jerry's history:1978: Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield open their first Brick and mortar shop in their home hometown.1988: Ben & Jerry's went global opening shops in upper North America and other United States territories.1995: Ben Cohen step down out of the driver's seat and hire a new Chief Executive Officer.2000: Ben & Jerry's are bought out by Unilever, the same folks that own Nabisco and others (Ben & Jerry's, n.d.).Products and Services OfferedTable 1Products and Services Offered
Products and Services Offered

Ice-cream: No sugar added, they only offer one flavor Vanilla Fudge Chip

Sorbet, They offer two fat free versions Berry- Berry and Extraordinary and Lemonade

Frozen Yogurt (FroYo), they offer nine...

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