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Business Requirements Essay

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Business Requirements
Listed below are different phases ordered by how they will be executed. Detail activities within each phase are listed in "Execution Approach" section of this document.

Phase 1 - Business Analysis and Design
Phase 2 – Informatica/Business Objects Installation
Phase 3 – ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Development and testing
Phase 4 – Development of reporting universe and reports development
Phase 5 – Implementation support and user training
Phase 6 – Production Implementation and Support

Project Deliverables
• Historical data load and data mapping from current systems to new data warehouse. A standard mapping scheme that will be same for all business units will be created. Once approved, each department is required to provide all data from all business units in this standard scheme if connectivity to the source data cannot be achieved using Informatica.
• Historical data mapping will only be done for as much data as available and may not all historical data requirement in some cases.
• Report specifications document and code for reports
• Design document and code for web based portal
• Document showing Entity/ Relationships in data marts.
• Document showing Business Objects Universe.
• Business Objects Universe.
• Technical Design Document for ETL and Reporting.

Phase 1 – Business Analysis and Design
Work with users from the various business units to clearly identify business requirements and design the solution.
• Analysis and design of the historical data load from various sources within all business units.
• Design of web based Advertising Portal to link different reporting areas to the data warehouse; this portal will also have ability to connect to external data sources using FTP to download data (CMR).
• Design for the data warehouse target data marts.
• Creation of detailed design document covering above for signoff.

Phase 2 – Software Installation
During this phase installation of Oracle, Business Objects and Informatica on test and production servers will be done. This activity will also include configuring reporting environment and creating user groups. We will also install client software on development workstations and validate connectivity.

Phase 3 – ETL Development and testing
Develop code and perform testing for
• Historical data load
• Incremental ETL
The development of the ETL will be done based on the Data Warehouse target marts designed during Phase I. The Data Warehouse target data mart will be same for departments. The target data mart for the Universe will be designed during this phase and testing will be based on test data from each business unit before the actual implementation for each site.

Phase 4 – Universe and Reports Development
Write specifications, develop code and perform testing for
• Business Objects reporting Universe.
• Reports as per detailed design.
Additionally, building system documentation we begin.
Note: The...

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