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Business PlanIntriduction:Sweet Smile Child Care entertainment center offers an opportunity of place where children can learn outside the home can interact with each other, and can play with education software. It is a healthy place for kids to play. As you help children develop skills, their parents see what a positive difference that this center offers. The center offers a place that would not only help children develop physically, but also intellectually, emotionally and socially skills. The center will offer nutritious snacks daily, as well as a variety of activities, including emerging art, music and movement, science, indoor free play. The licensed childcare facility has planned to provide service to a maximum of 15 children.Products and ServicesThe center will be offering range of Services in the center:· Toys and Games: carefully selected toys and games that appeal to the target market.· Books: there is also a selection of books to be used by and for the kids to read.· Software: carefully selected software to appeal to the target market· Sport activity center: offering sport facilities for children entertainment.Time of Operation and Fees :Time:Mon - Fri 8.00 - 5.00pmFees:· Fulltime: 26-29 Hours = $85.0030-34 Hours = $90.0035-39 Hours = $95.0040-45 Hours = $100.0046-50 Hours = $105.0051-60 Hours = $110.00· Part Time: 25 hours per week or less is part-time. The flat rate for part-time is $50.00 a week.· Children from 3-5years may attend.The Market:The child care market will expand with the increases of women demand to work labor. The critical component to our contribution in the market is the support from families and our positive repetition that we will create in the market.· Strengths: The owner and employees possess a strong educational and cultural background, with solid work experience.· Weaknesses: The largest weakness the centre will have is the lack of financial support and funding, which have decreased funding to support the center.· Opportunities: To increase our sales in the next years and to expand our capacity to handle more kids· Threats: Another childcare may open on the same area.Our primary target markets include these two areas:1. The kids between 2 to 5 years.2. Families who have difficulty obtaining appropriate care, including high to middle income families.Marketing and sales· Goals: The goal of our advertising is introduce our unique service to the parents.· Audience: as we illustrate earlier that our target market: The kids between 3 to 5 years. And families who have difficulty obtaining appropriate care, including high to middle income families· Marketing strategy : the center will adopt "cheap marketing tricks," such as new customer specials, coupons, trial offers, events, exclusive offerings .The advertisement will be distribute promotional flyers to prospective customers, neighboring band offices and local...

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